In some situations relying on one type of  therapy will not bring about the desired result.  Because of Dr. Rosenberg's experience and expertise in various forms of treatment, he is able to utilize a number of treatment options to bring about the desired result. 

In the example below, the patient had a tooth with a hopeless prognosis and wanted it replaced but did not want her adjacent teeth cut down for a fixed bridge and she was obviously concerned about improving the aesthetics of her gum tissue and crown. 

In order to obtain the desired result, Dr. Rosenberg had to formulate a plan that involved a number of different procedures.  He extracted the hopeless tooth and did a simultaneous bone graft to build up the deficient bone.  A dental implant and a soft tissue graft were later placed and then her dentist restored the implant with a crown which resulted in an excellent clinical result without having to cut down the adjacent teeth.

silver tattoo & hopeless tooth


tooth extracted, bone & soft 
tissue grafting & implant placed



excellent aesthetic result with
a single crown

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